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Conejos Clean Water

304 River Street

P.O. Box 153

Antonito, CO 81120

Phone: 719.580.9280

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Our Vision

Core Values and Guiding Principles


Conejos Clean Water operates with Core Values that guide us in all our projects and decision-making processes. Our overarching Guiding Principles include Collaboration, Education, Advocacy, Public Awareness, Inclusiveness, Empowerment, and Integrity to work within the four pillars of our mission.


Environmental Justice

  • Does it protect and support biodiversity?
  • Does it educate and get people outdoors into our natural environment?
  • Does it promote ethical use and stewardship of the environment?
  • Does it protect the public health for future generations?
  • Does it respect and give voice to our diverse communities, histories, and heritage?


Economic Justice

  • Does it ethically promote local businesses, jobs with livable wages, and the economy in a way that honors the other three pillars?
  • Does it empower people, lifting them out of poverty, valuing the public’s health?
  • Does it promote economic development in a sustainable, healthy way?
  • Does it increase community skills that lead to self-sufficiency?
  • Does it respect the cultural heritage activities of the area?


Social Justice

  • Does it educate and empower the community stakeholders?
  • Does it empathize with and facilitate empowerment of underrepresented and underserved populations?
  • Does it respect and promote diversity and inclusiveness?
  • Does it help prepare future justice leaders?
  • Does it invite community participation and public processes?
  • Does it promote healing?


Food Justice

  • Does it promote equal access to healthy, local foods and seeds?
  • Is it from a sustainable source?
  • Does it honor local tradition, heritage, and biodiversity?
  • Does it benefit local community health?
  • Does it educate our children and communities to make healthy choices in the future?