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Conejos Clean Water

304 River Street

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Antonito, CO 81120

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Our Commitment

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


Here at Conejos Clean Water, we are committed to involving community volunteers, serving projects, and appointing staff and board members on a non-discrimination basis. We are committed to ensuring our officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and clients are selected and treated entirely on a non-discriminatory basis with respect to age, sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity, creed, color, ancestry, marital status, or ability.


Additionally, we share in the empowerment of our communities by organizing for social change. We are committed to moving toward environmental, social, economic and food justice and striving for change as a community-based organization with the community driving this change. In 1994, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 12898 to address environmental justice in low-income communities and minority populations; this is a 20-year movement that we are proud to be a part of. Designation as an agent for environmental justice further strengthens our ability to assist our predominantly Hispanic and low-income communities in work towards systemic change, confronting the root causes of injustices within our communities like racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism and health inequities. Overall, we are committed to building momentum in this larger movement for social change with other struggling communities across the nation and globe.